Suncity International Academia

holistic development

Holistic development of the child forms the core of all practices at Suncity School.

Each year the school focuses on a theme to allow the students to envision their ideas through different activities. The students take part actively in all events organized by the school and special emphasis is put on the credo – each child on stage.

Some of the key activities the school focuses on are as follows:
  • Orientation day: Assemblies and activities for the commencement of the new session
  • Investiture Ceremony & Mother’s Day Celebrations
  • Independence Day
  • Children’s Day
  • MI-Me – an inter school competition based on Multiple Inteligences
  • Saturnalia/Juvenalia – the annual school cultural festival
  • Adieu – Class XII Farewell
  • Aashirwachan- Assembly for grades 10 and 12 before the Board exams
  • Summer Apprenticeship
  • Labour Day Activities
  • Visits to NGOs in order to inculcate moral values and a sense of responsibility towards society
  • Visits to The Blind school and old age homes
  • ARPAN – a student led initiative by Suncity School for the underprivileged
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