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Greetings from Suncity School!

In every soul, a kaleidoscope of intelligences,
Unique and vibrant, with their own essences,
No single measure can define the human mind,
For brilliance in its many forms we find
So let us celebrate this diversity,
Embrace the gifts that make us truly free!

The multiple intelligences theory is an efficient teaching practice that considers the evolving characteristics of students while acknowledging their individualism. When students work on skills that use different parts of the brain, it not only maximizes learning but galvanizes them to achieve a multi-faceted personality.

Multiple intelligences form an integral part of teaching learning practices at Suncity School and when it is integrated with SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals, given by the UN) enhances its credibility and gives a multi-dimensional learning approach.

With this background we are pleased to invite you to be a part of :
MI-me ‘Multiple Intelligences and me – Apotheosis’

MI-me 2023, our annual interschool event, is to be held on Friday, 24th November, 2023. This is the eleventh year of the event which gives children a platform to create, communicate, collaborate and be compassionate as they deliberate all aspects of life. We look forward to the participation of your esteemed organization in this celebration of learning.

The event has been designed keeping in sync with Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences. The widely recognized intelligences namely- interpersonal, intrapersonal, spatial and naturalistic intelligences besides logical, linguistic, kinesthetic and musical intelligences are found in all human beings and it becomes vital to focus on all the intelligences for developing a holistic personality.

A novel event, this competition has an array of specially designed activities, based on the eight intelligences, that each participant will be expected to participate in, to emerge the ‘MI-me’ champion. A concerted effort has been made to add the SDGs to the Championship. Design Thinking was included two years ago as a means to creativity and innovation.
The theme for the championship will be Uketamo (acceptance) - the buzz word for the academic session 2023-24.

Participation can also be for individual categories. These participants however will not be eligible for the MI –me trophy/championship. The event will be judged by an eminent panel of judges across the various intelligences.

Date of competition: Friday, 24th November 2023
Venue of the competition: Suncity School, Suncity Township, Sector 54, Gurgaon.
Time: 09:00 hours onwards (Registration from 08:30 hours onwards)

Suncity School will feel privileged to have your talented students participate in the event.

The event coordinators are

  • Ms. Kavita Malviya- Head mistress- CCA (9899054091)
  • Ms. Deepali Singh- Head mistress- Senior school (9818356553)
  • Ms. Reena Datta- Team leader- Primary school ( 9818323535)

We look forward to your active participation. Please register using the link attached herewith.

Link: Letter of intent

With warm wishes,
Rupa Chakravarty
Director- Suncity schools,