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World Elderly Day on Wednesday 4th October 2023

"While youth is the canvas of nature, old age is the masterpiece."

On Wednesday 4th October 2023, Suncity School celebrated World Elderly Day with great enthusiasm. The purpose was to raise awareness about the significance of senior citizens in our society and to express gratitude for their invaluable contributions.

The event saw the visit of five esteemed senior citizens to the school. The students warmly welcomed them and ensured their comfort throughout the day. The highlight of the celebration was their presence at the senior school assembly, where they were honored for their life experiences and wisdom.

As a gesture of appreciation, the senior citizens were treated to a delicious breakfast and presented with tokens of gratitude by the students. They generously shared their life stories and encouraged the students to uphold principles of righteousness, leaving a lasting impact on everyone present.

This event proved to be a profoundly enriching experience for our students, fostering a deeper respect and understanding of the elderly in our society     

World Elderly Day on Wednesday 4th October 2023
World Elderly Day on Wednesday 4th October 2023