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    Primary Years

Primary Years

The early years of a child…… When the young minds start to develop….. When curiosity runs high……… These are the moments when the child wants to explore and experiment.

It is here that we step in to facilitate and ensure that the child misses out on none of the above. To see that his/her class-work and an enquiring bent of mind go hand-in-hand, we endeavour to foster appropriate skills and abilities to enable the optimum development of the child, according to their age, ability and aptitude, right from their primary years.

Objectives of the Primary Years Faculty :

  • To help the child develop a happy and positive learning
  • To foster an attitude of adjustment to the learning environment
  • To make the student a confident and an independent learner
  • To help the student develop and maintain intrinsic motivation-resulting in self-initiated, self- directed activity
  • To teach the students tolerance and show respect for others
  • To teach them ethics, politeness and etiquettes
  • To help them learn to imbibe independent learning and assimilate positive habits