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The school has four state of the art science laboratories that provide the students avenues for experimentation and research. Well-equipped with specimens, models, apparatus and chemicals, they inculcate in our students inquisitiveness and scientific temper. The purpose of a lab is to demonstrate the practical aspects of the theoretical concepts to enhance understanding. The Physics Lab offers students an opportunity to be curious, to question, investigate, formulate hypotheses, design and carry out experiments, make observations and record results. It has a projector and a dark room dedicated for conducting wave optics experiments based on interference, diffraction and polarization of light. Equipped with all necessary chemicals and apparatus, the Chemistry Lab provides a ‘hands-on’ learning experience to the students. It is well-lit and ventilated with a specially designed fume hood that has a high-speed blower to remove the fumes through ducting. There are eye-washes at the sinks and a shower area for dealing with any unprecedented emergencies. There is a separate room for storing chemicals, complete with a big sand bath as a necessary precaution against potentially hazardous chemicals. The Biology Lab has a projector, electronic weighing machines, temperature control, water baths and high spin centrifugation machines. The well-developed display area with various models, specimens, charts and a life-size skeleton make the lab amenable to learning. The lab caters to the project work by senior students in the fields of physiology and biotechnology (extraction and isolation of DNA from apple, pear and papaya). The Home Science Lab helps students hone their culinary skills.It has two stove tops with five burners each, astore-room with basic utensils and cooking equipment, a largeoven for baking, a refrigerator, dining table, six chairs and two chimneys. The lab can accommodate 40 students at a time.

Computer Lab