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    High School

High School

The high school proposes to provide pupils with the very best of globally accepted education for grades ix -xii. During these years, students prepare themselves for their entrance into the world of higher education, in accordance with their academic inclination and caliber.

Objectives at the final stage (where they have to leave the portals) of the school are designed to:

  • Counsel and prepare the students for higher education
  • Help them enter the university of their choice by providing them with the sound academic and organizational skills
  • Further improvise and improve the hands on application based learning skills for tackling real life situations
  • Foster the spirit of inter-community harmony – live and let live policy
We, therefore strive to provide education that will enable the students to optimise their physical and mental development and ensure a healthy and vigorous life full of zeal and enthusiasm.

To provide them the platform to seek entrance to universities worldwide, the Boards offered are:

  • In grade IX, pupils can choose CBSE, India
  • In grade XI, pupils can choose CBSE, India
  • A wide choice of subjects will enable them to pursue their desired career option