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What makes Suncity a world school?

Suncity is international by virtue of its choice of Boards, international students, Curriculum, methodology and an infrastructure and state of the Art Labs to support the academics. The school receives students with a variety of abilities, interests and experiences. The school believes in implementing a programme of sequential, instructional experiences and activities based on sound educational practices and research. The goal is to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes which students need to be productive, responsible and self -fulfilled members of the School and Society.

In what sense is Suncity also an Indian school?

Our students strive to understand their own country, to value its cultural diversity and rich variety of natural resources and to work for their protection and preservation for future generations. Sanskaars or the values imbibed are based to a great extent on the Indian Ethos, The Indian festivals and events. Yoga is also practiced with great vigour and enthusiasm. SUNCITY is true spirit of an Indian, accepts and promotes diverse cultures and traditions of other Nations keeping in mind the quote Vasudeva Kutumbakam.

What methodology would be used to teach my child at Suncity ?

Suncity believes that learning is about curiosity and hence focuses on the acronym ASK to define its methodology. ASK – U is the objective of learning here and it also stresses on the ASK aspect of learning. A – Application
S – Skill
K – Knowledge
Learning is complete when all three are integrated into teaching. To ensure that an amalgamation of all the intelligences are done to help in holistic development the school focuses on the Multiple Intelligences – MI. It reinforces that learning is trans disciplinary to make gleaning of knowledge and skills spread across the subjects.

How does Suncity prepare my child for life?

Today’s child truly lives in a global world, competing with peers beyond our borders, in the regions and sectors, industries and area of expertise where India is headed. And yet such a scenario would bring forth among these children, a greater need than ever before in life, for our Sanskaars our values as an anchor. Values that have stood the test of time and have played their role in making us the nation we are and aspire to be.

How will Suncity prepare my child for entrance to a good University?

Students of Suncity School can gain admission in any University all over India and abroad. The A level and IB Diploma are accepted by universities and colleges all over the world including the UK, the USA, Europe, South-East Asia and India. A Level and IB Diploma students arrive at college with a highly developed thinking skills than graduates of other systems. SAT-GRE, preparation for the joint entrance examination will all be a part of the curriculum after grade X.

What if my child isn’t a self-directed learner?

The Multiple-Intelligences and Project learning approach is designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity, enthusiasm, responsibility and self-discipline. It is a student-centred methodology with a high degree of teacher facilitation and direction. Small classes and a very favourable teacher: student ratio ensure that no-one can escape the attention s/he needs. Our Counsellor can also help students to organise and enjoy their studies through counselling.

How are parents involved in the educational process?

Suncity School organizes quarterly Parent Teacher Meets and from time to time mails, letters like the sample attachment here to get them involved. Click here for more details

What medical facilities does the school provide?

The school has a full time medical doctor and nurse and a well equipped infirmary. Full time counselor – clinical psychologist is also an integral part of the health facility in Suncity.

What are the methods of assessment?

At Suncity School we encourage student’s individual development and set attainable targets. Classes Pre Nursery to Class II follow the grading system. Class III onwards, students have to appear for Half yearly and Final exams in the respective semesters.

When does the admission open for the next Academic Session ?

Admissions for next academic session starts in the Month of September. Forms can be collected from the Accounts in the school and are available subject to availability of seats.