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The abode of knowledge lies in the aesthetically designed library in Suncity School with the fully automated e-library. Suncity School has an advanced lending and borrowing system and the Head librarian and library team are always available to help choose books off the shelves besides the choice of books on line. Access to books on -line also makes it easy for parents to guide their children in identifying books they want to borrow every week. The well-stocked library provides for academic skill support and computing facilities to enable access to unlimited online study resources for facilitating complete and in-depth learning besides reading for pleasure. The library has an attached resource room for academic related reference books and an additional video room for screening films and documentaries related to the children’s scholastic and co-scholastic development. This enables children to reinforce the methodology of the school based on the acronym ASK- Application, Skill and Knowledge. The objective is to open up avenues for research based learning by exposing the children to a repertoire of learning styles and strategies.