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The Principal

To ensure a holistic development and transversal approach to learning for each pupil, has been the focus of education in Suncity School.
To further this vision, we at Suncity are now adding the tesseract dimension to it by introducing the ‘International Academia’. The Academia would enable the pupils to make their choices after grade VIII regarding their choice of the curriculum – National or International.
The focus on pedagogy would be providing seamless classrooms where ‘ASK’ (Application, Skills, Knowledge), the methodology of Suncity; is totally integrated in a transversal directed learning in tandem with research.
Development of character through exposure to ‘Real sports’ and ‘Real activities’ through GRIT (Generosity, Resilience, Integrity, Tenacity) would be the hallmark of this Academia.
With Mr. Sidney Rose, FRSA at the helm of the Academia, we expect it to scale great heights and envision a new pinnacle for Suncity School.