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A class apart is what each class room of Suncity is! It has a modern look and feel with large windows to allow natural light to filter in, thus making the building a green one. It has a design which makes the class attractive, creating a pleasant ambience for students to want to open their minds to the world of learning. It helps to enhance open mindedness. All class rooms are air conditioned and also equipped with air purifiers, helping the students to remain healthy as they process information to turn it to knowledge. The classrooms have smart boards with internet connectivity to help the students to receive the information through the world wide web; to analyze, synthesize and evaluate the learning that is imparted in these modern day classrooms. The smart boards also enable the teacher to send online work when a child is unable to attend school thus helping to keep abreast with the teachings in school by browsing the uploaded work. There are display boards with dedicated space for relevant information: for weekly quizzes, for house and club information and other relevant data. There are twin sharing desks to seat students till class X. Students of classes XI and XII have single desks for individual focus on learning.