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Albert Einstein has rightly said- It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education. Taking a cue from the words of Einstein, an acronym was formulated at Suncity school revolving around ‘curiosity’ which is the main source of sustenance to glean knowledge for any human being. Many a discovery has been made because of a curious mind but curiosity without the focus and the knowledge and skill is a rudderless ship unable to seek direction to the shore. Curiosity is instinctive but it requires a base of interest to enable learning. That is where a teacher’s role starts- to incite interest, to enable the child to reflect and then become curious enough to explore, investigate and learn, which manifests itself in ASK. Thus Learning in Suncity is thus defined as ‘ASK’ to ‘ASK-U’. The acronym ASK represents the main aspects of learning -
  • Application
  • S kill and
  • K knowledge
Understanding The structure thus laid down studies the different aspects of amalgamating the three aspects of ASK to learn. To encapsulate learning we sum up thus –
  • Learning is embodied and concerned with the human experiences.A
  • Learning is interactive and social. S
  • Learning is an integrated cognitive process.K
  • Learning is an amalgamation of ‘observing, analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating and thereby creatingU

Building a repertoire of strategies

The structure of learning strategies are always objective and outcome based. Keeping in mind just the repertoire of strategies is not enough. The learning style of the child is extremely important. Thus the ASK to ASK-U is of utmost importance. The ASK involves learning through interdisciplinary and multiple intelligence based strategies based on the child’s learning style.
Previous Knowledge/Over viewing Activate previous knowledge, known to unknown, concrete to abstract. Recollect/recapitulate a topic to help learn more.
Personalizing or linking information Link the knowledge to student’s expressions & feelings using guiding questions & activities. Link to ones own expressions & feelings.
Arranging & Planning or summarizing Students to read text, watch films etc then summarize it and comprehend After reading and expressing, reflect on it and then summarize to help comprehend.
Use imagery Create meaningful content by adding new information. Associate new information with a printed or mental image to help learn better.
There are factors which influence the choice of learning strategies:- The factors are:-


No significant learning takes place without a significant relationship. Hence motivation and predominantly intrinsic motivation helps to combine with ASK to enable learning.


Focus and goal of learning varies amongst genders , thus there is a variation in learning in accordance with the gender.

Attitudes and beliefs

What we see and grow up with result in our attitudes and beliefs hence it is specific mostly to places and people though its becoming global by and by.

Cultural background

Stress is laid on rote learning amongst Asians, thus difference cultures promote different learning strategies. This simply proves that teachers need to promote multi sensory activities for effective & productive learning. Keeping all aspects of learning strategies and influences in mind.This is where the difference between scholarly teaching and scholarship of learning becomes apparent.


We have subject weeks every month. During the subject week, activities and competitions are held revolving round the theme chosen for the year which caters to learning beyond the text. We call in an expert lecturer; send students on field trips relevant to the subject. There are quizzes, debates revolving round the subject. We also hold exhibitions relevant to the subject. The culmination of the subject week is in the form of an outing to a place related to the subject and it is called TASK:
  • TripT
  • ApplicationA
  • SkillS
  • KnowledgeK
It has been a general tendency at Suncity school to help the students imbibe critical and creative thinking but for the students its imperative to have role models hence the school Management has applied creative thinking to have the world’s only ‘Multiple Intelligence learning center’ which has been featured in the Cambridge University’s ‘Guide to excellence’ of the world’s 100 best practices in schools, colleges and universities.