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    Admission Policy




Suncity School welcomes parents with commitment towards imparting global education to their child and encourages them to visit the school (by prior appointment), in order to understand the philosophy of the school in educating the child as an ‘Able and Noble’ being, on gaining understanding of the programme, parents could complete admission formalities and familiarise themselves with the policies governing admission.

The Admission Process

1. Parents are requested to fill out the application form on-line and submit along with the listed documents. The application form is only meant as a request for ‘registration’ and does not guarantee admission. 2. For Resident Indian Students: On receipt of the completed form and the enclosures (Previous and current year’s annual performance profile and current one, copy of birth certificate and 3 passport size photographs), the school will keep you posted with regard to a date and time for the admission test and interview for which, both parents are required to be present . For International Students: Apart from the documents mentioned above, parents also need to submit in a letter of recommendation from the class teacher of the child of the present school. 3. Transfer Students: For all mid-session admissions, parents are requested to clarify the subject options before taking admission as the subjects offered may vary from the previous school and so also the portions of the syllabus covered. the school will fix an appointment for a meeting with the International Academia Head/IGCSE/IB Coordinator to ensure that all norms are met for the child to enter the IGCSE/IB programme 4. An admission test will be conducted in the following subjects: English Language Mathematics and General Science A fixed syllabus is set for the tests. They follow a pattern with emphasis laid on the writing and comprehension skills of the student in English and logical reasoning besides arithmetic and algebraic calculations. 5. If the child is offered a place at the school and parents wish to accept the same, the first quarter payment has to be made as per the deadlines set by the school. Failure to do so will render the seat being cancelled and the same being offered to a candidate on the waiting list. 6. On being granted admission, parents will be required to complete all paper work with the Admission Office and Accounts Office. The following documents must be submitted at the time of joining school: Original Transfer Certificate from the previous school (resident Indians only) Performance profile 7. Grade IX and XI Admission policies/requirements: Documents to be submitted with application form: Copies of previous and current years performance profile Copy of birth certificate Passport size photographs – 3 nos. and one each of the parents. Copy of passport(if available) Recommendation letter from the class teacher.(only for overseas applicants) Following the entrance test and the interview and should the candidate be successful , a provisional admission for students from Indian boards will be given and once the final results of grade 8 / board results are declared the following documents must be submitted to formally close the admissions. Reference letter from the Principal is mandatory. For Grade XI entrants, the attested board mark-sheet is to be submitted (original to be brought for verification) Transfer Certificate to be submitted (original) Migration Certificate (where applicable). Pass Certificate (where applicable) Overseas students are exempted from the submission of migration certificate, transfer certificate, pass-certificate. In lieu of this, they need to submit a certificate of attendance of the previous school duly signed by the concerned authority. 8. Curriculum and Subject Choices for grade IX (IGCSE)and XI (IB): Students are to be assessed on the curriculum and subjects chosen, after the entrance test and if found suitable will be permitted to carry on pursuing the curriculum and the subjects of their choice. Permission to change subjects/curriculum will not be considered once the course has commenced. If the candidate is found weak in a particular subject, parents will be informed of the same and proper guidance will be provided for alternative choice of curriculum/subjects. 9. Withdrawal and Refunds: As per existing school rule, under no condition will any refund be made once the child had been granted admission, only the ‘security deposit’ is refunded. Should for some unavoidable reason, the student is withdrawn prior to the academic session commencing, then the Development Fee, Security Fee, Annual Fee will be returned. Year end withdrawals (after one academic year) must be intimated to the office in writing by giving 3 month’s notice , failing which one quarter fees will be levied. If a child is withdrawn without notice, the security deposit will have to be forfeited. On receipt of the withdrawal notice , student needs to have his/her clearance done from relevant departments . Transfer Certificates may only be issued after final settlement of accounts. 10. Security Deposit: The security deposit is refunded within three months of the child leaving school and after adjusting any outstanding amount. Payment of Fees: Fees are to be paid quarterly. Occasional costs incurred by the children (lost books, uniform, travel etc. ) Payment schedule is by: (Quarterly)
  • July 5th
  • October 5th
  • January 5th
  • April 5th
If fees are not paid on time, a fine of Rs.50/day will be levied with a new deadline. Students whose fees remain unpaid will not be provided any academic documents, recommendations, etc. Apart from the bank charges, a fee of Rs.500/- will be levied should a cheque/draft be dishonoured Overseas students: Fees may be paid vide wire transfers to the account the school provides. On completion of the wire transfer parents should indicate to the school the following: Fax/scan wire transfer details Ensure the name of the child and grade is mentioned on the transfer. All bank charges pertaining to the transfer need to be borne by the parents (Wire transfer details are mentioned on the fee structure) Company Payments: The school will require an official letter from the company stating that they bear full responsibility for payment of fees and will furnish the complete details of the contact person. 12. VISA: Overseas students, travelling alone and granted admission must enter the country with a multiple entry visa’. The school will forward the necessary documents to enable parents to procure the visa. Students, holding passports other than India, and transferring from a different school in India, will need to apply for a fresh students visa or have the old visa transferred to the current school. While leaving the city/state and traveling around, overseas students must carry on themselves their passports and a copy of the residential permit.. Students of Indian origin holding PIO or Citizens of India cards do not require a visa but need to be registered with the local FRRO The school will provide the necessary documentation for all confirmed overseas applicants who need to register with the local Foreigners Regional Registration Office. 13. Transportation: Bus routes are finalized at the start of the academic term and will not in any way be altered for admissions during mid-session. Please note that admission in school does not guarantee school transport. School transport is subject to availability of seat on the relevant route. 14. POST ADMISSION: 15. Prior to the new academic year: Orientation letter will be sent All pending documents are to be submitted Uniform and books are to be purchased. 16.Orientation ( At the beginning of each semester ) Will be held at the beginning of the academic year for all new students. A second one may be held at the beginning of the second semester for new grade IXstudents only An insight into the overall ethos of the school will be presented to parents. For any further queries, kindly contact the administrator on his email or on landline +91-124-4845301/02